Asia lottery results: November one winning figures

Nov. 2, 2011 - Here would be the latest lottery brings about Asia with draw dates on October 31 and November 1. In alphabetical order, the countries and lotteries covered include Hong Kong's Mark Six, India's Playwin, Israel's Double Lotto/New Lotto, Japan's Loto 6, the Philippine's Superlotto 6/49 and Lotto 6/42, Singapore Pools' Toto and Thailand's Government Lottery.
Hong Kong Mark Six (photo):
With a jackpot well over 46 million HK dollars, officials have announced that nobody has won first prize. Player(s) can certainly still claim second prize worth 868,060 HK dollars and third prize of 92,590. The next drawing for Mark Six occurs this Thursday.
India's Playwin Thunderball (photo):
India's Playwin Fast Lotto:
Playwin's Thunderball includes a jackpot of just one.63 Cr. while Fast Lotto includes a current prize pool of 2.0 Lacs.
Israel's Double Lotto/New Lotto (photo):
There aren't any winners for both second and third prize which requires matching at the least six numbers.
Japan's Loto 6 (photo):
By matching all six numbers, the winner stands to take delivery of $2.98 million [USD] while second prize yields $227,463.
The Philippines' Superlotto 6/49 (photo):
The Philippines' website Lotto 6/42:
Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) announced that this jackpot for Superlotto 6/49 is 42.six million pesos while Lotto 6/42 includes a jackpot of 50 million pesos.
Singapore Pools' Toto (photo):
One winning group stands to win $664, 025 [USD] and also the ticket was purchased at Jurong West Central, in line with Singapore Pools. For an extensive list of the payout structure, click this link.
Thailand Government Lottery (photo):
The Three Lucky Numbers Winner gets the following combination: 065 221 380 771. The result for Two Lucky Numbers is: 54. Click here for an entire listing of winning numbers.

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